Hotel Zenit el Postigo

Bathco Product
Conico washbasin
Úbeda - Jaén

One of the gates of the wall enclosure that once surrounded the old city and was located a few meters away lends its name to the hotel. Located in the historic centre of Úbeda, a World Heritage City by UNESCO, its stone walls and white facades seem to grant us a wonderful paradox between this beautiful hotel and its enclave.

The narrow streets and squares invite the traveller to go for walks until they get lost, and the patio-entrance to the hotel, a rest for the senses, with its centennial olive tree seems to be welcoming one and all.

On the inside, its adequate simplicity in the architecture, elegant and sober design, moderation in colours, highest comfort and the latest technology that can be breathed from every corner of the hotel, will inspire the traveller, and on its outside, awaiting, the monumental Andalusian Renaissance.

The care, the kind attention and passion for details o our staff and the noble air of this Andalusian and Castillian village that surrounds the city of Úbeda helped to install the stone washbasin Conico in black.

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