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Shower tray

Bathco includes bathtubs and shower trays to its range of products.

17 of May , 2011

Every product designed, developed and marketed by Bathco, a leader company in the field of sanitary ware,
stands out for innovation, quality and design. These three omnipresent elements fuse together and through
techniques, forms and heterogenous materials create unique, attractive, daring and modern pieces that
invite to relax and enjoy the bathroom. The result of this process is the introduction of two new items which
complete the already wide range of products: the bathtubs and the shower trays.
As a first incursion into bathtub design, Bathco presents the model Simi.
Inspired by nature, Simi design combines straight lines with gentle and refined curves which help to enlarge
the bathroom space and suggest a soft and relaxing image. The new Bathco bathtub Simi combines two
exquisite materials, marble and teak wood, having as a result in a resistant and elegant bathtub. The
combination of these two materials provides our bathroom a fresh, natural and warm atmosphere. The
dimensions of Simi bathtub are 2050x800x500mm and it’s available in two colours: beige and black.
The bathtub Simi turns our bathroom into a dreamy space that invites us to relax and forget the daily stress.
As for showers, Bathco proposes a wide selection of shower trays in its first approach to this product. Also
inspired by nature, Bathco offers models as Icono, whose design imitates the arbitrary forms generated by
water when falling over a liquid surface, or Oco, a minimalist design enhanced by a piece of teak wood,
breaking thus the symetry. For reduced bathrooms Bathco offers Versalles shower tray, adaptable to small
places providing to the bathroom distinction and funcionality. Finally, models Simi and Verona, two shower
trays conveying a sensation of reflection as the most crystalline and natural water produces, and which takes
us to nature.
The main material of all the products is marble that generates a variety of colour hues and textures giving
personality to our bathroom. Its combination with teak wood provides warmth and functionality besides of its
easy maintenance and durability. Bathco fuses together a long tradition of using classical materials like the
marble and the treated teak wood with the modern design and vanguard forms and colours in order to enjoy
unique and relaxing moments every day.
All these bathtub and shower tray models belong to the collection Natural Series and are available in two
colours: black and beige.

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