A tree house

Imagine a wooden refuge, a space where nature merges with innovative and sustainable architecture. Analia Malla and Julio Robles, the visionaries behind Woodmodulor, invite us to explore this dream come true in their latest project at Casa Decor 2024: “A Modular House”.

Built with 100% recyclable wood, this 21 square meter marvel combines functionality, flexibility and respect for the environment. Its modular design includes the Flex module, a bathroom module and a cozy porch area, all designed to adapt to the changing needs of modern living.

What makes this house so special? In addition to its smart and versatile design, Woodmodulor prides itself on its commitment to sustainability. Thanks to solar energy and its precision prefabricated construction, waste of materials is reduced to a minimum, demonstrating that it is possible to live in harmony with nature without giving up comfort and quality.

Inside, the house is covered with laminates in warm and natural tones, creating a cozy and lively atmosphere. The mezzanine seating area, accessible by a charming wooden staircase, offers a peaceful retreat to relax and unwind.

The second module houses a fully equipped bathroom, designed to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. Featuring a shower, Solid Surface Square washbasin and Bathco taps, every detail has been carefully selected to ensure an experience of luxury and comfort.

With its focus on energy efficiency and intelligent design, this masterpiece demonstrates that the future of architecture is in harmony with nature.