Bathco and Hisbalit organize a new event where they showcase their artisanal and creative materials to renowned interior designers

June 8, 2023 · News update

Bathco and Hisbalit, two companies from Cantabria, have carried out a new edition of the "Craftsmanship and Creativity" Workshop.

During this day of work and inspiration, leading interior designers had the opportunity to delve into the world of ceramic craftsmanship and creative coverings.

The interior designers visited Bathco's space for creation and experimentation, known as Bathco Atelier. There, a group of multidisciplinary artists develop ideas and meticulously work on the basins, piece by piece. Each basin becomes a canvas for creating unique finishes. Additionally, the artists shape the ceramics to add volume and apply decals in an artisanal manner.

Subsequently, the professionals had the chance to visit Hisbalit, the oldest glass mosaic factory in Europe, located in Soto de la Marina. They were impressed to discover the manual and sustainable approach employed in the manufacturing of the mosaics.

The event was attended by Ane from Devesa & Agenjo, Duiego Guillén, Alberto Aranda, Jaime Jurado, José Arroyo, José Lara, Leonela from Le Interior Design, Mercedes Arsuaga, Mar Vidal, Angelina by Nothing Studio, Gema by Punto Filipino, Yolanda Segade, Simona Garufi, and Patricio by Vísteme Despacio.