Bathco is organizing online workshops to reinforce contract sales among its clients

February 15, 2024 · News update

In an effort to strengthen its sales strategy aimed at the Contract sector, Bathco is conducting online training workshops among its direct clients.

This program is aimed at store and construction salespeople who wish to learn about the resources available to improve the marketing of these products and add value to the end customer.

During these training sessions, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Bathco's two current catalogues: "The Shape of Water" and "Materia". Additionally, the way in which Bathco approaches the Contract Channel will be addressed, as well as the introduction to the use of its e-commerce platform.

With a notable presence in large projects, Bathco specializes in designing and manufacturing products aimed at constructions for collective use. The company's catalog has a variety of bathroom products that stand out for their quality, functionality, comfort and accessibility, aimed specifically at the Contract channel. This line includes toilets, sinks, taps and bathroom accessories, adapted for use in sectors such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, among others.

Bathco products are present in a wide range of public and private spaces on five continents, from hotels and restaurants to airports and sports stadiums, as well as hospitals. With these sessions, Bathco seeks to strengthen its position as a leading supplier in the Contract sector and offer useful tools to its collaborators to boost sales and customer satisfaction.