Cemlab®, a material with personality that offers an actual and functional style

September 30, 2020 · News update

This collection includes two models, Pesquera and Nestares, which are made in three colors: brick, light gray and dark gray

Imagination is the limit to define styles that can inspire to decorate any room, and the bathroom isn’t an exception. From a classic line to a disruptive idea, Bathco has thought of a collection that adapts to all of them.

Currently, industrial finishes are a trend and to apply this image to the bathroom, cantabrian company offers Cement collection. Actual and functional, it presents timeless designs that fill the space with a minimalist style and a strong personality. 

Bathco is characterized by seeking excellence, trying to innovate in the sector. Thus, within this cement collection there is a line made of cemlab®, a mixture of cement and resin, enriched with components carefully aggregates. They generate a new material so solid and resistant.

Cement wasbasins are processed by mold casting which allows a wide range of achievable geometries. This collections includes more than ten models and two of them, Pesquera and Nestares, are made whit cemlab® and are presented in three colors: brick, light grey and dark grey.

In addition to this qualities, this material has anotther advantages, among which are its durability, impermeability and adherence. It’s suitable for high temperatures and doesn’t require specific maintenance.

Cement Collection is part of the last Bathco’s catalogue, Materia, where there are nine more series: Solid Surface, with the Solid surface + Wood novelty, Composite, Iron, Wood, Gold & Silver, Stone, Terrazzo, Swarovski y Atelier. The Materia catalogue can be downloaded through the "Catalogues" section of the Bathco website www.thebathcollection.com. Also, all references are visible in the products section.