The proposal of Bathco at Casa Decor is 100% hand made

March 10, 2020 · News update

The Spanish Company shows a video about the ‘making of’ of the project where the work of the Atelier can be watched.

Link to video

Bathco released last week its first own space at Casa Decor 2020, one of the most important interior design events of the year in Spain. Entitled 'The Baroness with a Brush', the room has been designed by the interior designer Virginia Sánchez and developed by the artists who make up Bathco Atelier.

The result of this work has been a unique space, which goes beyond the conventional concept and combines a classic and smart room with daring and transgressive elements.

From concept to reality there is a long process, and the Company wants to share through a ‘making of’ video that shows how these professionals work by hand, one by one, each piece that is present at the event.

The composition is composed by two large murals, a set of ceramic volumes, two washbasins painted for the occasion and various elements from Bathco's current collections, such as two washbasins from Iron Collection. All the pieces are inspired by the artistic work of Tamara de Lempicka, one of the visible heads of New York Art Deco, in such a way that the room transports the visitor to the magical 20s.

To achieve this effect, the artists of the Atelier have painted two New Lys porcelain washbasins to recreate the marble finish. The chosen colour is the same green that can be seen in the scarf that appears on the wall of the dressing table.

The proposal has two 260 x 140 cm murals developed from ceramic pieces that have been individually treated and decorated and later joined in the final composition. This decoration consists of the application of a set of decals on which the artists have later made a drawing by hand. In one of the murals, light elements have also been included in the hair, lips, eyes and nails. These elements react to black light and they give a distinctive fantasy touch to the design. That is achieved by applying light pigments that are incorporated into the design.

Regarding the ceramic volumes, each piece has been extracted, molded and treated by the artists of the Atelier to generate this set that dresses the wall of the room as if it were a tapestry.

Finally, the space includes two cast iron washbasins that belong to one of the latest collections launched by Bathco and which constitutes a firm commitment to innovation and sustainability, since they are recycled and recyclable, in addition to being cast in a Cantabrian company. The room is completed with a Piamonte wall-hung toilet and another with a floor tank New Toledo, a bathtub exempt from the Solid Surface collection, Pretoria model, matt black Athenas taps and circle Caracas mirrors.