Sea air; salt & breeze in the bathroom

March 17, 2017 · News update

Our headquarters are located in the North of the Iberian Peninsula, a place characterized by remarkable environmental contrast between the coast and mountains. In Santander, a city that always looked towards the exterior.

Its ports were the natural sea departure points of the Kingdom of Castilla. A sea that influences our daily work and has reached three different patterns in Vintage & More collection.

It all started with observing fish in an aquarium and the tranquillity they transmitted with their slow-motion movements. As soon as we saw it, we instantly knew we had to depict it.

Some sailors communicate with flags and glances. From this wordless language that still persists in the sea we live alongside, a rhythmic and light-hearted homage was born.

There is no territory vaster and more unexplored on our planet than the sea; this is an homage to its forms, its inhabitants, its magic and everything it gives us.

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