Trend & Bath Nº3 is here: The beauty of metal

March 13, 2017 · News update

Bathco presents you the third issue of the magazine TREND & BATH with which they try to bring you the latest trends in decoration, new materials and technology in the bathroom, as well as novelties and projects that maybe you did not know.    

In this third issue the role of the materials is highlighted in bathroom decoration through an interview with one of our designers, Pascual Salvador, as well as the importance of the new finishes in gold and silver.

About projects, the magazine talks about a cosmopolitan apartment located in Barcelona to a country house in Norway, spaces in which there are washbasins such as Castellon or Santander. In addition, you will be able to read about the fairs of reference and the novelties that have been presented in last weeks.

In addition, the article “3, 2, 1… action” approaches you to television to show you how is the interiors on TV shows and, on the other hand, the influence of the current Passivhaus on architecture. There is no shortage of news generated by the company and the teams that we sponsor.

As every magazine, it has a living character. Bathco invites you to participate in this project by sending us those contents that may seem interesting from the point of view of interior design and decoration in the bathroom.

Do not forget that in the BLOG you can find contents and proposals just as interesting.