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We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of bathroom products for 40 years, a period of time in which we have crossed borders thanks to our intuition and know how.

Nowadays, looking back at the past, we are proud of being present in the five continents. The secret may have been the fact of incorporate the latest technology in our work but without forgetting our roots.

Today more than ever, we have an eye to the future; a future full of opportunities in which we want to continue growing thanks to the knowledge gained day after day and which is still increasing. 

An important part of Bathco business strategy is the permanent dedication to invest in design, quality and innovation. Based on these three pillars we develop constantly new products in order to resolve customer needs and to adjust us to the tendency changes of the market. Therefore, we collaborate regularly with well-known industrial designers and research centers.

Our company makes a big investment in the research of new materials as well as in design and development of bath articles which offer new possibilities to the users. A clear example is our cooperation with Technological Institute of Components of Cantabria, carried out in 2013.

The aim of the project I+D+I is to develop an innovative material which allows the manufacturing of a high-end sanitary ware that will be waterproof, resistant, lightweight, with a natural finish and completely developed in Cantabria. This new exclusive range will encourage the Bathco international leading position in the bathroom sector.

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It is in the north of Spain, Santander, where we have carried out our activity during all these years. From the very beginning and without forgetting our back ground, Bathco has grown up based on its firm willingness of international expansion and taking advantage of all the opportunities, what has allowed us to reach a privileged position at the main international distribution chains and export to more than 90 countries.

In order to consolidate the achievements in the international market, we are making big efforts to promote the brand abroad, with the exposition in the most important exhibitions of our sector, such as CEVISAMA or CERSAIE. These Fairs allow us to close our bonds with our international clients and introduce our products to new customers and new markets.


Large windows, diaphanous zones and open spaces where the light is the main protagonist are some of the characteristics that define the new Bathco premises inaugurated in June, 2014. Free of any architectural barrier, the remodeled building strengthens the communication and functionality and makes the working place of 1,800m2 more comfortable and functional, providing a modern and transparent image.

The prominence of the showroom of 600m2 that displays the products and materials is not limited to be a mere exposition, it represents a dynamic place which promotes the dialogue with the clients and spreads more strongly the brand identity.


At Bathco, we are able to make a serious commitment because we can grant a reliable response achieved throughout all the years. As a part of our company expansion policy leading to more efficient management of production and distribution, our commercial effort enabled us to open in 2010 a modern logistic and storage center of more than 6,000m2.   

This logistic center located in Cantabria (Spain) with 30 corridors of racks has a capacity of storage and quick motion of 5,500 pallets. Our products are distributed throughout the five continents by road, plane or ship. 


Under the premise of constant improvement, Bathco is focused on design of products which not just meet their purpose and functionality but also meet the values which strengthen our image and contribute to maintain the commitment acquired with our customers. Following this philosophy, we have launched exquisite collections like Materia, and the collections of hand-decorated washbasins that were included in the Deco section (David Delfín, Mariscal and Vintage) or the creation of Bathco Atelier.

When we talk about quality, we extend this term to all our activity. That is, we work every day not just to offer a higher quality product but to ensure an excellent service to our customers.

And this quality of service lies in the "know how" determined by the group of professionals who integrate our company. Behind every operation, every enquiry or order there is a human team involved in the philosophy of the company that has grown up with the business and the clients, offering personalized attention and cared service.


Thanks to daily work, Bathco has been awarded at different moments and for different reasons that reflect its commitment in quality, design, innovation and compromise.

On March 28, 2015, the Government of Cantabria Bathco was recognized its commitment to sport in Cantabria. Awards In Business Success 2014 organized by Cantabria Económica magazine gave the award for Best International Strategy to Bathco. In 2010,  Cantabria Web Awards organized by El Diario Montanes, gave Bathco the award for Best Corporate Web. In 2016, the draft corporate website Bathco, managed to grab the recognition of one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, the Red Dot Awards in online communication category. In 2017 Bathco receives the Silver A Design Award Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware.

Quality certificate and ISO

At Bathco we always seek the highest quality in our products and processes to offer all customers the greatest possible reliability and satisfaction. For this reason, we offer a quality system in our products with a 5-year guarantee.

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Thanks to our good practices, we have been certified with ISO 9001, which determines the requirements for a correct quality management system, and ISO 14001, which guarantees a good Environmental Management System (EMS).