The Bipolar Home

The owners of this flat are true millennials at heart, and this may very well explain why they had such little trouble giving to Egue y Seta Team all creative freedom to re-mix and combine the most contradictory of styles, here and there, where the original architecture and the final purpose of each room allowed for such. This is the only way one can come to understand such an eclectic home. One that sets over its original recovered hydraulic mosaic tiles, rooms, on the other hand, of a decidedly contemporary style; a home that accommodates beneath its traditional Catalan vaulted ceilings trendy pieces of rabid modernity; a flat that challenges the typical Eixample´s home lay out in order to include rooms and devoted areas that have a lot more to do with current habits and lifestyles.

Here, noble and exterior rooms graced by those two lovely balconies looking over the pedestrian bit of Compte Borrell do not host the master bedroom, the living room, the dining room nor even a fantastic kitchen.  Here, these privileged spot and views were ceded over to a symmetric double space, devoted to work and reading, that ended up taking the shape of a black and white halved classic style library.  

On the other hand, at the very center of the housing unit, though not for this reason, its darker bit, one can find the master´s suite. A stunning bedroom flanked by two generous interior light patios you can access through side crystal doors you can open just as you get out of bed. A bed that shamelessly looks over the entrance hall through an indoor greenhouse, while resting its headboard against a theatrical deep-dark wall over which any lighting scheme or any decoration will stand out.

Toulouse washbasin

A scenographic bedroom that leads onto a double walk-in closet and a double bathroom where two Toulouse washbasins were installed, that combine all-white tiling with dark grouting and black joinery along with the reflection of great crystal and mirror panes for a spacious high contrast effect.

Guest´s and courtesy toilets deserve, however, a paragraph of their own. Besides their sanitary function, these two stand out more for their evident entertainment calling. A guest´s bathroom where you can find a New Magdalena washbasin that hides a semi-circular bathtub behind a palm hedgerow and a sensuous venetian blind that allows for natural light and silhouette guessing from the exterior.